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Our client, a public company, was experiencing operational and financial difficulty and on a path to disaster. Within nine months, Colmen restored the Company to profitability, and positioned it to sustain profitability for the foreseeable future."

W. Raymond Felton, Esquire
Greenbaum, Rose, Smith, Ravin, Davis & Himmell, LLP


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Staying Ahead of the Market Demand Curve
Losing Focus - Losing Competitive Position

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There are thousands of different types of businesses, but there are just a handful of reasons why they fail to thrive. We know the reasons and how to correct them - quickly and cost effectively. If the business you own, manage or represent is in financial trouble or just chronically under-achieving, the COLMEN Team can improve profitability. Our broad range of hands-on experience with many types of companies and industries enables us to spot problems almost from day one, and begin resolving them almost immediately. Once we’ve identified and implemented a new direction, your company will have a greater value to you and your shareholders, as well as to prospective lenders, investors, and buyers.

The COLMEN Turnaround Advantage
At COLMEN, we drill deep to look beyond the financial aspects to basics such as the quality of management, market acceptance and manufacturing capabilities. To get a true picture of performance, we study key factors, like product viability and life cycle, true market share, and customer loyalty and perception. The result for our clients is a broader, more meaningful basis for decisions and improved odds for a profitable outcome.

Our Turnaround Team
Serious problems demand serious talent. Each Turnaround Team member has successfully owned or operated a business. We understand the reality of putting it on the line to meet a payroll, generate profits and pay debt. We make recommendations and implement successful programs that have practical everyday applications. The talents of our seasoned line managers include years of experience and a proven track record in evaluating and correcting problems. Whether the problems are operational or financial, by placing these savvy individuals -- having numerous successful turnarounds to their credit -- in key management positions within your organization, the odds for a quick and full recovery are excellent. Unlike management consultants who issue reports to remedy their clients’ problems, COLMEN’s Team is comprised of experienced business people working side-by-side with you to identify problems, recommend solutions and implement the corrective measures that restore your business to success.

Our Turnaround Process
Finding out what’s really going on in a company is often difficult. Yet, this kind of information is a critical part of an under-performing situation. The financial statement, important as it is, cannot by itself provide a complete picture. At best, it can uncover the symptoms of a problem, without pinpointing the root causes. The COLMEN difference is that we deploy one of our seasoned Team specialists directly on site to serve in a full time position, as an integral part of the management team. Our COLMEN Team members on site have the ability to jump-start the solution to the problem by eliciting information from employees who may have resisted sharing insights with current management. COLMEN understands that many of the answers lie within the fabric of the existing company, so we include any appropriate knowledge gained into the “fix” strategy. Our engagements typically span at least a year to ensure that the crisis review, planning and the “fix” implementation are managed effectively. When your business is healthy and running efficiently again, we can help you decide what to do next. You may want to expand, merge, or sell. COLMEN draws on its Management Advisory and Investment Banking experience to help you make the right decision and implement it profitably.

The Results
Our Turnaround Team has successfully re-positioned numerous companies resulting in millions of dollars of increased shareholder value. Our success rate is exemplary because we carefully select clients who are committed to making the difficult changes necessary for a successful turnaround. Since the vast majority of our compensation comes from a successful turnaround, we commit our top resources to ensure success. We are judged by the quality of our results—not by the quality of our explanations.

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