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Colmen is a private full-line business services provider that is powered by a Team of seasoned operational and strategic experts who deliver customized results for each of our clients."


COLMEN is a private full-line business services provider that is powered by a Team of seasoned operational and strategic experts who deliver customized results for each of our clients. COLMEN's business services include Investment Banking with a focus on both Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Finance. COLMEN has a track record of over 300 closings. Our Turnaround Group has a standout performance history, successfully re-positioning numerous companies experiencing a broad range of business difficulties. Our Management Advisory Group increases shareholder value with a menu of services such as Strategic Planning, Business Plan Development, Process Re-Engineering, Expansion Planning, and Ownership Transition. COLMEN has a hands-on approach in working with clients to promote long term relationships that endure over the entire business cycle from start up and early stage through expansion, maturity, and exit.

COLMEN offers all the experience and capabilities of the major consulting and investment banking firms while maintaining responsiveness and personalized attention to each client. We have access to more financial resources and have a more seasoned Team of experts than smaller firms. While large firms often deploy junior staff, COLMEN only engages with our seasoned professionals. The combination of our Team's experience and our proven business processes generates positive results. We understand the paramount implications of the bottom line and we follow proven techniques to generate the desired results.

We utilize a global network of equity, debt and corporate capital resources to fuel growth and profitability. At COLMEN, we are committed to results because we share substantial risk with our clients. The majority of our compensation is based on the results we deliver--not on retainers or promises.

The COLMEN Team consists exclusively of senior level specialists who work directly with each client. Our Team of seasoned individuals, each with over 25 years of business experience, has the right combination of hands-on practical knowledge and advanced formal education. Over 85% of our Team members have the experience of owning or operating a business and have earned a Masters Degree, MBA or Ph.D. We understand the reality of putting it on the line to meet a payroll, generate profits and pay debt. We make recommendations that have practical applications. Collectively, the COLMEN Team has extensive experience in all major business disciplines including general management, production, engineering, sales, marketing, human resources and finance. The Team focuses on its operational expertise honed through hard-won success with a national and international clientele over a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, environmental, health care, distribution, retail and service, among many others.

Our process involves time-tested fundamentals in addition to very specific specialized techniques unique to COLMEN. For Investment Banking, we have designed a comprehensive chronology of services that are engineered to get the job done. Whether representing the seller or the buyer, our objective is the same--close the transaction and maximize client wealth. For Turnarounds, we deploy one of our seasoned Team specialists directly on site to serve in a full time position, as an integral part of the management team. Our engagements typically span at least a year to ensure that the crisis review, planning and "fix" implementation are managed effectively. For Management Advisory services we drill deep to ask the tough questions and then implement action plans that serve as a springboard and growth accelerator.

COLMEN is successful because we carefully select clients who are committed to making the difficult decisions that impact positive change. Our Investment Banking Team has completed more than 300 transactions ranging from $3 million for small privately held companies to over $2.4 billion for large global public corporations. Our Turnaround and Management Advisory Teams have successfully re-positioned dozens of companies, resulting in millions of dollars of increased shareholder value.

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