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“We couldn’t have achieved this level of success without Colmen’s invaluable contribution to our mission and business plan. Selecting the right business advisor was the key to reaching our goals.”

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COLMEN’s Management Advisory Services include Strategic Planning, Business Plan Development, Process Re-Engineering, Expansion Planning, and Ownership Transition. COLMEN has a hands-on approach in working with clients to promote long term relationships that endure over the entire business cycle from start up and early stage through expansion, maturity, and exit. We also understand technology and the potential for it to streamline business processes, remove paper, and optimize communications, all with a positive impact to the bottom line.

The COLMEN Management Advisory Advantage
We draw from a deep reservoir of experience in Management that is coupled with access to specialists with experience in Investment Banking and Turnarounds. COLMEN’s integrated, pragmatic approach provides perspective and delivers results. Rapidly changing technology has made it imperative that businesses become proactive rather than reactive. COLMEN tracks cutting

edge applications and helps you determine the appropriate path for your business at the right time for you. Evolution is no longer an option but a necessity, and we understand that it is not always the large that eat the small, but often the fast that eat the slow. COLMEN has the right balance of experience and agility to help you compete in the dynamically changing global marketplace.

Our Management Advisory Team
The COLMEN Team offers your business the combined experience of over 150 years in business management and operations. Over 85% of our Team members have the experience of owning or operating a business and have earned a Masters Degree, MBA or Ph.D. We understand the reality of putting it on the line everyday to meet a payroll, generate profits and pay debt. Our recommendations have practical applications. Our global network of contacts allows us to provide you with the latest in technological trends and strategic ideas. This expertise coupled with our experience in business and financial services, strategic planning and market development provides you with an excellent competitive and economic advantage.

Our Management Advisory Process
One of the major ingredients found in any successful company is its focus. COLMEN believes that focus begins with a sound strategic plan and is maintained with a current business plan. The COLMEN Team applies years of “hands on” experience in working with different levels of management to obtain a consensus about the internal strengths and weaknesses of your organization. We then assess and evaluate the outside opportunities and threats which could impact your company. The final result is a strategic roadmap, which becomes the foundation of the business and planning process. Once the foundation is in place, the implementation phase begins. The preparation of necessary action plans, the assignment of responsibility and time lines, and the continuous monitoring of progress against objectives are all vital to the ultimate success of the process. The COLMEN Team has “been there and done that” and will be a valuable asset and ally in guiding and assisting your company during this critical phase.

The Results
Improved profits, optimized systems, streamlined business processes, and better focus. Working as your partner, the Management Advisory services provided by COLMEN will provide valuable and time tested tools which will allow you to manage and grow your business more efficiently and more effectively, and above all, more profitably.

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