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As complex as it was to start-up and grow our business, the selling process was even more complicated. The Colmen Team obtained an excellent price for our business while protecting the long term interests of our employees, customers and the company we built."

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Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures
Responsible business leaders are deeply concerned with much more than the financial aspects of buying or selling a company. Sometimes decisions can be agonizing and very frustrating as a myriad of issues arise, ranging from choosing what people to keep -- or to let go -- to coping with threats of adverse shareholder reaction. Maximizing marketing efforts while protecting confidentiality and determining when you have a motivated and realistic buyer or seller are skills that require far more “art” than “science”. For these reasons, and so many more, the COLMEN Team is your partner in all aspects of selling your business, purchasing businesses or pursuing joint venture opportunities.

Corporate Finance
Corporate finance is all about raising the right kind of capital from the right kind of sources in the right amounts and on the right terms. Every client is unique: plans are different; capacities vary; and financing solutions require careful advice and placement. We understand the driving forces behind each deal and customize our approach to fit the clients’ current and future needs:

  • Growth Capital - For acquisitions or expansion plans, getting the right amount of equity mixed with reasonable levels of debt, but never short of the total needed.
  • Recapitalizations - Maximizing the owners’ hard-earned equity and the corporation’s asset leverage capabilities to unlock needed liquidity.
  • Restructurings - Highly creative and extremely cooperative efforts to financially re-focus, re-energize and re-establish the capital structure and value of the business.

The COLMEN Investment Banking Advantage
For Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures, COLMEN has the right blend of financial expertise, progressive thinking, experience, and negotiating finesse that simply increases the probability of closing your transaction. The “art of the deal” is to convert opposing viewpoints into common ground while maintaining shareholder value. The COLMEN advantage will keep you balanced on the high wire act of closing a transaction. For Corporate Finance, we utilize a global network of equity, debt and corporate capital resources to fuel growth and profitability. These funding contacts rely on us to choose our clients wisely and to present them skillfully and completely before they invest. Simply put, our clients rely on us to do everything necessary to solve their capital raising problems.

Our Investment Banking Team
Our professionals bring a combination of time-tested experience, financial expertise and negotiating skill that results in the achievement of our client’s goals and objectives. The COLMEN Team consists of seasoned individuals, each with over 25 years of business experience and the right combination of hands-on practical knowledge and advanced formal education. Over 85% of our Team members have the experience of owning or operating a business and have earned a Masters Degree, MBA or Ph.D. We work closely with each of our clients to assist in all areas of the transaction - financial, emotional and strategic. Key decision-makers rely on the COLMEN Team to knit together the vital links between the business issues, financial factors and the psychological aspects of buying or selling a company.

Our Investment Banking Process

Selling Your Business
Whether you are selling a division, subsidiary, or an entire company, the COLMEN Team has the experience and specialized capabilities required to complete the transaction. We not only manage and execute the process from beginning to end, but we add specialized pre-contract and post-closing services to ensure success. Every phase of the selling process is crucial to the transaction – from valuation to due diligence. How you manage each phase of this complicated and interlocking process determines your ultimate success. COLMEN maximizes client value at each phase and combines these efforts into an end result that achieves the clients’ objectives. Our methodology is comprised of multiple phases including strategy development, business valuation, operations analysis, preparation of marketing documents, researching, locating and qualifying buyers, transaction negotiating/structuring and coordinating the closing and post-closing processes.

Purchasing Businesses
Here, COLMEN’s sell-side experience counts. We know how sellers think, and that skill will determine if our buy-side clients close a transaction or simply spin their wheels. Acquisition searches require many diverse skills but none as important as clearly identifying the search parameters and qualifying the prospective target. COLMEN helps the client identify the best strategic “fit” for acquisition, locates that target company and determines if the target is both motivated to sell and realistic about the selling price. As the transaction progresses, we lead the valuation process, the agreement negotiations, the structuring of the transaction, the securing of the acquisition financing and the coordination of the due diligence and closing processes. In addition, the COLMEN Team often assists our clients in integrating the target company into the client’s operation in order to optimize strategic value.

Joint Ventures
In today’s global marketplace, many companies utilize joint ventures and strategic partnerships to finance their growth, access new technologies and expand into new markets. The COLMEN Team works with our clients to create joint ventures that will enhance the value of each partner. To meet this goal, the COLMEN Team draws on their operations, industry and financial expertise to ensure a successful joint venture.

The Results
COLMEN’s professionals have successfully completed more than 300 transactions, satisfying clients ranging from small privately held companies to large global public corporations. We succeed because we listen, study, research, write, contact, meet, negotiate, and we close. We use all of our skills, all of our contacts and all of our experiences for each and every client. Our success rate is our biggest testimonial.

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