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A critical aspect to the overall success of any transaction is the unfailing dedication of all parties to both operational and psychological considerations.”

Peter Colella
Chairman and CEO


As we move forward in this ever changing and dynamic business environment, I reflect on the companies we have helped over the past twenty years and feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in the Colmen Team.

A business is a fragile thing, a living organism of people, aspirations, history and reputation. Successfully building, managing and growing a business is a daunting challenge, demanding hard work, perseverance and determination. Even the most talented management team needs help in navigating the often-turbulent waters of today’s global economy. I believe glitz and glamour or bells and whistles cannot replace simple hard work and an honest, trusting business relationship. Identifying the problems and opportunities, closing the deal or implementing the turnaround is the result of knowledge, experience and truly hard work.

The Colmen Team has been helping companies build, manage and grow their businesses for over 25 years. We address your company’s needs during its entire life cycle, from start up and growth funding, to turnaround and profit improvement, to growth through acquisitions and, finally, to exit strategies through divestiture.

The members of the Colmen Team are former business owners, Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operating Officers. Their level of experience and expertise are nearly impossible to surpass. Our incentive driven compensation fits well with our motto, “we are judged by the quality of our results, not by the quality of our explanations.” The Colmen Team delivers results!

Sometimes, knowing when to seek outside help is the most valuable management skill of all.

Pete Colella

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Peter Colella

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