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During his 30 year career, Mr. Valiga has successfully managed companies experiencing operational challenges in the manufacturing, distribution and service sectors."

Richard E. Valiga

“The successful corporate turnaround requires two basic elements: 1) the client’s commitment to the turnaround process and 2) the client’s complete and total confidence in the firm and the people hired to perform the turnaround. ”

Richard Valiga is a senior corporate executive having over thirty years of administrative, operational, and technical experience in the manufacturing, construction and environmental business sectors. As Senior Consultant to Colmen, Mr. Valiga provides general business oversight, strategic planning and specialized services. From 1996 to 2002 Mr. Valiga was a Senior Vice President at Colmen specializing in corporate turnaround, strategic planning and operational consulting.

His recent turnaround experience includes: (1) A Midwest drives and electric motor manufacturing operation (with a union workforce) in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, generating annual sales of $15 million. The Company was sold to a private investor group in early 2002. (2) A New Jersey-based construction/demolition company that was returned to profitability within six months and at year-end, income was up 430% over the previous years. Clients included Dupont and Occidental Chemical Corporation. After the turnaround, the company was sold to a private investor. (3) A contract electronic circuit board and wire harness assembly manufacturer in the Mid-West. Primary industries served included medical devices, automotive, instrumentation and computer. New ownership took possession of this operation and sales dropped 50% to $4 million. By modifying shop-floor activities, cost cutting, and staff reorganization, sales recovered to 25% above pre-purchase levels with net profits increasing 200% above forecast levels within 12 months.

Prior to joining Colmen, Mr. Valiga’s business experience included manufacturing and the environmental waste/recycling service sectors. Mr. Valiga founded two successful environmental companies, each having revenues in excess of $5,000,000 within two years of startup. Both of these companies were sold to national waste disposal firms.

Mr. Valiga is a graduate of West Virginia University, earning a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering and a MS degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering. Mr. Valiga is a licensed professional engineer in Pennsylvania and Florida and a Diplomat in the American Academy of Environmental Engineers since 1981. Mr. Valiga also holds six U.S. patents for various environmental waste treatment technologies. These patents have also been granted in Canada, Germany and Japan.

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