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Mr. Trefz has led the advancement of new technology in the dental industry, including design, development, clinical trials, and FDA submissions."

Richard V. Trefz
Senior Consultant

“What are the four most important factors required for success in any business endeavor? First…a solid understanding of the marketplace and your customers. Second…a real and total commitment to staying on the leading edge of product development and branding. Third…a strong management team that can create and control positive momentum. Finally…a strategy for building profit into the mix…not adding it on.”

Richard V. Trefz has more than 30 years of executive hands-on experience in senior management leadership. His track record as a successful CEO involving business turn-arounds and start-ups enables him to apply his valuable knowledge and functional experience to the solution of complex business problems. Mr. Trefz’s worldwide and domestic business involvement has included tactical and business analysis, market research, product development, clinical research, licensing, acquisitions, joint ventures, financing, manufacturing (traditional and JIT), high-end retail chain development, branding and marketing/advertising.

Mr. Trefz led the advancement of new technology, including: design, development, clinical trials, and FDA submissions, as the start-up CEO of a new high-end retail cosmetic product and procedure with nationwide spa-center locations. Within six months, the business model and technology were introduced and more than 200 systems were installed in the U.S. market. By the end of the first year, the company’s stock improved from $1 per share to $12 per share.

Mr. Trefz’s industry experiences and successes encompass the dental health care field. His successes as a CEO includes taking the reins of a collection of privately held dental health care related companies, spun off by a major drug company, and implementing successful business strategies based on the marketplace value of product innovation and quality, developing distribution channels, customer service and creative branding/marketing. Revenues increased 25% to $60 million.

Mr. Trefz holds a degree in Business Administration from Philadelphia University and is active in a number of professional organizations.

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