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Mr. Poling has been the Chief Financial Officer of several dynamic organizations which have experienced rapid growth and profitability. He has also witnessed the downturns and problems of an organization, which has provided him with the insight to recognize distressed situations and the ability to correct them.”

John W. Poling, Sr.
Senior Vice President

“The best thing about a success story is knowing your decisions were in some way responsible for achieving the goal. Decisions need to be carefully modeled and exercised and must have a champion. The best thing about a failed story is the lessons learned.”

John Poling has been a financial executive in manufacturing, industrial services and environmental and Media Services for over 30 years. He has held executive positions as Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer in several publicly owned companies, which were engaged in an IPO and numerous capital offerings. He is currently Chairman of the Audit Committee for two publicly owned companies. John also sits on their Compensation and Corporate Governance committees. He has significant experience with SEC reporting and registration statements, mergers and acquisitions, raising capital and crisis management. Mr. Poling also served as President of two environmental service companies and was largely responsible as general manager for the turnaround of a specialty manufacturing company. He has a strong background providing independent financial consulting and advisory services for developing business plans and organization development to both public and private companies in distress.

Mr. Poling has considerable experience in crisis management and turnaround situations where an organizations’ business plan or acquisition strategy failed and the company was in default of its loan covenants. More commonly, managements’ inability to identify and create a restructuring plan to recapitalize and turn the company around.

Mr. Poling has extensive M & A experience having spent three years with a consolidator of solid waste management companies. During this period, the Company completed 61 acquisitions, two secondary public offerings, a private equity offering and grew its commercial banking credit relationship to $150 million until the sale the Company for $1.3 Billion.

Mr. Poling spent ten years with a hazardous waste disposal company, which completed an IPO while he was Senior Vice President and CFO. In addition, Mr. Poling managed the Company’s commercial and investment banking, and Wall Street relationships until the sale of the Company.

Mr. Poling received a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Rutgers University and has taken graduate finance courses at St. John’s University.

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