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Mr. Hellauer was a pioneer in introducing the concept of a non-employee CEO/COO and has successfully implemented this model in several assignments."

James C. Hellauer
Executive Director

“Companies get themselves into trouble because they lose their focus. And more times than not, they lose their focus because they stop communicating, both internally with their staff, and externally with their customers, vendors and lenders. Colmen understands how to rebuild these vital communication links as part of our overall ability to help clients fix their problems.”

James Hellauer specializes in providing management services to emerging and troubled companies in the middle market. He has over thirty-eight (38) years of senior management experience in a wide range of manufacturing, distribution and service industries in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Financial Officer, Advisor, Member of the Board of Directors or Shareholder. For the past fifteen years, Mr. Hellauer has focused on assisting, advising, and implementing reorganizations, restructurings, turnarounds, sales, debt financings, and operations improvement programs for a variety of organizations.

Mr. Hellauer was an early advocate of active involvement by outside Board members. He has served, or is currently serving, on four public company Boards of Directors and over a dozen private company Boards.

During his career, Mr. Hellauer has had leadership roles in a number of important endeavors. Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Initiation and direction of a successful IPO of a Financial Services Company
  • Conceptualization, negotiation and implementation of a leverage purchase of a special chemical company
  • Initiation and completion of acquisitions and/or divestitures of four companies
  • Obtaining debt and equity funding where necessary
  • Increasing shareholder value in every assignment

He was also a pioneer in introducing the concept of a non-employee CEO/COO and has successfully implemented this model in several assignments. By utilizing this method, the consultant becomes an integral part of the management team with the authority to effect change, yet he is unencumbered by past policies and procedures.

Mr. Hellauer holds a BS degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and an MBA from Harvard University.

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