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Ms. Dillon has personally initiated and managed the successful completion of over 60 transactions."

Deborah L. Dillon
President - Mergers & Acquisitions Division

“The successful completion of an acquisition or a divestiture is a challenging endeavor which demands a unique combination of skills: marketing instinct; operational and strategic perspective; financial sophistication; and, finally, the negotiating finesse to convert opposing viewpoints into common ground.”

Deborah Dillon’s background includes 25 years of general and financial management experience with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, strategic and business planning, business valuations, debt restructuring and project management. For the last 18 years, Ms. Dillon has exclusively focused on mergers and acquisitions, representing clients who seek to divest their company or acquire additional businesses. Ms. Dillon specializes in “creating a market” for her clients, optimizing value for Shareholders and locating strategic opportunities for Acquirers. Ms. Dillon has personally initiated and managed the successful completion of over 60 transactions.

Additionally, Ms. Dillon has consulted with hundreds of clients to help position their companies for sale or to develop strategic acquisition programs. Ms. Dillon’s experience covers a wide variety of industries including paper manufacturing, industrial gases, healthcare, food processing, commercial printing, financial services, transportation, distribution and retail among others.

For several years prior to her merger and acquisition activities, Ms. Dillon worked for Fortune 100 firms such as International Paper Company and Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. where she was employed in a variety of financial, strategic and operations management positions. In these positions, Ms. Dillon’s experience ranged from direct manufacturing at primary paper mills to corporate staff responsibilities.

Ms. Dillon holds a BS degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Annhurst College and an MBA from New York University in Management and Strategic Planning.

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