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Paul DeJuliis
Managing Director

The most effective corporate restructuring experience understands the real depth and complexity involved in what amounts to the remaking of a company - operationally, financially and psychologically. Whether improving performance, restructuring the operations or recapitalizing the balance sheet, having the operational experience and access to capital markets is critical. However, these are not the complete set of essential skills. Understanding the emotional reality and risk profile of the different parties is also vital in successfully creating a new sustainable platform for the company. This latter understanding only comes if you have “sat in the chair” and faced that risk yourself. This is what sets Colmen apart - our advisors have “sat in the chair”.

Paul DeJuliis has over forty years of diversified financial and operational experience gained as an Advisor, Director, C-Level Executive, Private Equity Investor, Owner and CEO. He has experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, transportation, health care, laboratory sciences and digital media for both private and public companies. For the past twenty-five years Mr. DeJuliis has focused exclusively on the purchase, recapitalization and restoration of underperforming companies. He has guided many companies going through difficult transitions including corporate restructurings and Chapter 11 Reorganizations. During his career Mr. DeJuliis has had a leadership role and responsibility in a number of corporate endeavors including:
  1. Guiding thirty-five different entities through operational restructurings, corporate recapitalizations and Chapter 11 Reorganizations
  2. Consummating over 100 corporate finance transactions for various entities including mergers and acquisitions, and both private and public debt and equity placements
  3. Completing strategic corporate consolidations in five different industries involving nineteen acquisitions
  4. Successfully initiated and completed multiple organic business development projects involving product line transformation, sales growth strategies, customer development, strategic alliances and joint ventures
  5. Successfully initiated and completed new marketing initiatives including corporate and product branding and rebranding and new market opportunity development
  6. Successfully implemented new financial and cost accounting systems focusing on product value assessment, pricing, margin and break-even analysis

Prior to becoming a buyer and restorer of troubled companies, Mr. DeJuliis held various positions including Director of Corporate Turnaround Services for a Big 4 Accounting firm, Director of Global Corporate Development for a Fortune 500 company, Director of Corporate Finance for a national investment banking firm and Partner in a national turnaround advisory firm.
Mr. DeJuliis has a BS in Accounting and Finance from the University of Delaware and did Masters Studies in Corporate and Real Estate Finance at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also a CPA.

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